Tuesday, November 24, 2015

What democracy???

What democracy???

   Many people hold the false belief that here in Canada we are living in a democracy. That has not been true for some time now, Yes we have elections that give the illusion of a democratic system but the choices we are given and the system that controls those choices are in no way, shape or form democratic.
   Since the Liberal government of 74 when Canada turned over the control of our financial system to the private banking cartels we have been in fact living in a fascist corporatocracy. This is not my opinion. This concept has been clearly defined by economists and political scientists. So let’s be honest when we throw around words like democracy because that's not what we have here in Canada.
   Our government in Canada consists of a closed group of people who drift in and out of public service and are otherwise employed as corporate or academic elite when not in or voted out of public service.
   The three large political parties in Canada are funded by these same banking interests, corporations and unions. These are the same groups that employ the people who run for office. This is not some conspiracy theory or secret. For example almost every Prime Minister, premier and many of the key Cabinet Minsters we have had over the last 50 years all were employed or had direct connections to the Desmarais family and their large family firm Power Corp.  Pierre Trudeau and René Lévesque were both members of the Communist party before they started working for Power Corp., Paul Martin got his shipping company off Power Corp., Jean Chrétien’s daughter married right into the Desmarais family and Brian Mulroney upon leaving office moved right into the board of directors for Power Corp.
    Not only are the players selected and groomed for public office but the way the three main political parties are funded is murky at best and downright criminal in practice. One need look no further than the current scandal’s in Ottawa involving Senator Mike Duffy or the NDP giving tax funded office space to union fund raisers’ to realize the big three’s funding practices flaunt the laws in place and yet no one is ever charged or arrested? The parties are given a pass while individual’s get hand slaps. There’s been more than one story about corporate board members walking though the office distributing cheques to employees with the understanding that they were meant for tax deductible donations for specific campaign’s or parties. From what I’ve been led to believe this has become standard practice now.
   Part of this control of our political system is the influence of the corporate media over our electoral system. The founding fathers of confederation realized the influence that media had over the electoral process. Even though at the time media only consisted of newspapers. Still laws were put into place to strictly control media ownership. Over the years with the event of radio and television these media ownership laws were expanded to include these new forms of communication. The idea behind these media ownership laws were to ensure that control of the media rested in the hands of as many people as possible. Starting in the 80’s under Mulroney these media ownership laws were whittled down, and changed depending on which corporate conglomerate was making moves on what sector.
 Between 1990 and 2005 there were a number of media corporate mergers and takeovers in Canada. For example, in 1990, 17.3% of daily newspapers were independently owned; whereas in 2005, 1% were. These changes, among others, caused the Senate Standing Committee on Transport and Communications to launch a study of Canadian news media in March 2003. (This topic had been examined twice in the past, by the Davey Commission (1970) and the Kent Commission (1981), both of which produced recommendations that were never implemented in any meaningful way.

   The point being with a controlled news media the public is very seldom informed of the smaller (Fringe) parties and independent candidates, even when they do clear the hurdles and independently come up with the financing required to even get on the ballot.
     And of course the big lie that is whispered at election time that if you do vote for a fringe party or independent you are “Wasting your vote”.
    It also goes without saying that this control also dictates subject, policy and issues discussed during elections so that subjects important to most Canadians such as banking policy, immigration or foreign aid are never discussed or brought to light in the body politic.
   And of course there is the one thing that is talked about which is the  "First past the post" system.  In each electoral district or riding, the candidate with the most number of votes in an election wins a seat in the House of Commons, or the legislative assembly in provincial and territorial elections. The leader of the party which wins the highest number or seats, rather than the party with the highest percentage of the overall vote is asked to form the government. Although first past the post is talked about, the winners of the elections seem to forget all about their objections to this system when they win.
   With the system and media rigged to ensure that only the big three corporate controlled parties will ever attain and forever hold on to power in Canadian politics it’s no wonder at all that the public has become jaded to the system and for the most part given up on voting and participating in the political system. Voter turnout in Canada now averages around 60% and has been dropping steadily. The last federal by-election I worked on it was 47% that means less than half the people who could vote did !
    If Canada is ever to regain a democratic form of government a number of things need to happen. First Canada needs to return the issuance of currency to the public (The Bank of Canada, which we own) and away from the private banking cartels. Who use this wealth to control the people and the government though debt. Second a large percentage of Canadian citizens have to care enough to get involved in the political process. Not only in terms of voting but also in joining and running of political parties. We need to demand honesty and transparency in government and get it! Not just promises. Lastly we need to install a system of accountability.
    Regaining democracy in Canada is a huge undertaking. It requires a lot of work by a lot of people. Until you are ready to do your part don’t speak to me of democracy in Canada because that’s not what we have.
Lawrence McCurry

June 2015

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Reading This? Good for you!

Reading This? Good for you!

   I see a lot of controlled thinking these days. You know who I’m talking about; the 80 to 90 percent of people who allow someone else do their thinking for them. In this age where the controlled corporate media collectively spin the narrative it’s an easy trap to fall into.

   This is a story of freedom of speech and freedom of the press and how it relates to the paper you are holding in your hands right now.

   What I have witnessed surrounding the publication and distribution of this small independent paper over the last couple of months scares the hell out of me. It scares me in terms of what Canada has become and where it’s going. Most of all it scares me that a group of people with a common political agenda can convince so many people that the heavy handed CENSORSHIP that they inflict in the public's name is not only acceptable, but a good and justifiable thing to do!

   First let’s look at what this paper is and the terrible sins it committed to drive the political left into such an apoplectic froth. When Dr. James Sears came to your ward news he brought with him a style and a vision for the paper that is unique and not seen in most publications since the 1960’s. Your Ward News is a rich mix of humor, satire and alternative media style journalism. While keeping with the tradition of publisher Leroy St.Germaine, Your Ward News pokes fun at and holds up a critical mirror to far left politics and politicians that have permeated the Canadian body politic like a bad case of Montezuma's Revenge.

   Sears pulled no punches in referring to the left as Zionists, communists, Marxists and scoundrels, using Nazi imagery and art to reflect the way he feels the left act and conduct themselves. Sears recognized that the left controls those who don’t think for themselves by using the tools of political correctness and cultural Marxism. Sears challenges the left by ignoring these methods of control, “To Hell with political correctness it’s a control method”. The sin of Your ward News was pointing out that The Emperor has no clothes.

   But this paper is more than just Sears, there’s Robert the graphic artist who skillfully creates powerful visual images that the humorless left don’t have the intellect to appreciate, Leroy our publisher whose tenacity and fearlessness inspire us all and half a dozen contributing writers who bring truth with a unique style and point of view.  
   The left have gone to great lengths not only to close this paper down but to ensure people don’t read or look though the paper and maybe, just maybe start thinking for themselves.

   It started when a leading propaganda spin doctor of the radical left, Warren Kinsella tweeted out the call and blogged to the Borg like obedience cult of the left that the paper was a “Nazi Rag” and should be shut down. Around the same time a Jewish Canada post letter carrier filed a complaint with his union that he was offended by the paper which prompted a hate speech investigation by police and Canada post. The fact that the police and Canada post cleared the paper of the ludicrous allegation and forced the union to do its job and deliver the paper did not stop the campaign.

    Next the creepy followers of the left obedience cult started mercilessly calling and visiting advertisers nonstop. Most of these advertisers were small businesses that were frightened by this and could not afford to stand up to the pressure of their phones ringing night and day and the visits of these creepy “political activists” frightening away their customers. Part of this campaign was a word of mouth and social media attack warning people of this evil publication and how this little newspaper would corrupt their minds, homes and children. Not only was the paper publicly attacked as a racist and Nazi rag but the editor Dr. James Sears was also personally attacked as being a misogynist and racist himself and when competing community newspapers reported on YWN they referred to him in a condescending manner by his old twitter handle of DIMITRI THE LOVER. An account used to spoof radical feminism.

   The next salvo in this campaign to squash the free speech of this paper was truly frightening as it came from the provincial government of Liberal Kathleen Wynne. On July 16 Beaches-East York MPP Arthur Potts announced at a press conference held half a block away from the office of Your Ward News that the province is providing an additional $449,000 of your tax money in funding for a 15-force provincial police team that investigates and prosecutes hate crimes and hate propaganda.

   According to the east York Chronicle Potts said that “he was chosen from the Liberal caucus to make the announcement in part because he has expressed strong concerns about an east Toronto publication known as Your Ward News, which has enraged many people in East York and area with articles, editorials and photo/cartoons that many regard as being racist, anti-Semitic and pro-Nazi.” What he did not say was that the paper had been very critical of the Ontario Liberal party and considered his party to be the ones acting like Nazi’s. Potts also said “The minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services Yasir Naqvi is very aware of my feelings about the publication,” Potts then babbled on about Canada post saying “as a Crown corporation it should have a higher moral compass and not associate its services with such an awful publication.” and “Whether or not it breaks the law, this publication is deeply offensive. I think it’s also a bad business decision by Canada Post. I’m certainly a lot less likely to use its services”

   One can only look at this for what it is, A far left wing government using half a million dollars of your tax money to bribe the police to reverse their decision or find a way to shut down a newspaper that is critical of the way they govern, To publicly encourage a crown corporation or it’s union that supports their agenda not to do its duty to treat this paper like any other customer and to encourage anybody else to do whatever they can to join them in this frightening act of censorship.

   Needless to say Canada post Carriers union followed this up by holding back delivery of the August edition of the paper by filing yet another complaint, this time with the outrageous complaint that the ink in the newspaper caused a rash on the union employee that had to sort the paper at the postal plant. More total nonsense that held up delivery of the paper for yet another two weeks.

   Finally after the union was forced by management to do their job, the office of Your Ward News was vandalized by somebody spray painting the words “NAZI FUCK” across the front of the building. This was not the act of some tagger or graffiti artist but a calculated act of terrorism, a terrorist act that was encouraged by our government. This act of terrorism was aimed like a gun at the employees who put out YWN to intimidate and frighten.

   I find it shocking that many in Canada (especially the political left) seem to have no concerns about freedom of speech in Canada. Many have no problems with restrictions on freedom of speech or censorship on material they personally disagree with.

   Any way you look at what’s happened in the last couple of months this is a clear case of attempted censorship of the press and free speech. I have talked to half a dozen people who hate this paper without ever having read it or even having looked at it. Only having heard what others have told them what to think. If you have read this and still hate this paper good for you. At least you have come to this point of view yourself and not let someone else do your thinking for you.

Lawrence McCurry
Aug, 20 2015

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Left  Regressives use tax money to stifle 

free speech.

   This story starts some weeks ago when a small community newspaper started using Canada post to distribute the paper. In March they published a picture of Pierre Elliott Trudeau in a Nazi uniform. A Jewish Canada Post letter carrier claimed to be offended by this and refused to deliver the paper, the union got behind this and started holding back delivery until police could determine whether or not the paper constituted hate speech.  After a police investigation it was determined the paper did not contain hate speech and Canada Post continued to deliver the paper to residents of the ward as they were paid to do.

   For those of you who would think this would be the end of this matter you don’t realize how much our society has been totally permeated by the practice of cultural Marxism.
   “Cultural Marxism is an ideology which emphasizes culture as a main cause of inequalities. Critics have seen cultural Marxism and its influence as an important cause of political correctness and as an important cause of a perceived decline of humanities, social sciences, culture, and civilization in the Western world.”

   Many people are of the belief that the political left in Canada has moved so far to the left of the political spectrum that the word communism is an accurate description. Some even go so far as recognizing its most fervent followers as an obedience cult. It appears this obedience cult of the political left have declared war on “Your Ward News” and have pulled out all the stops to shut down the free speech of this small paper that uses humor and satire to point out to the left that the Emperor has no clothes.

   The lengths the left have gone to have escalated to the absurd, it started with one of the Grand poohbahs of the left, Warren Kinsella blogging that the paper was a “neo-Nazi rag” and put a call out for help in closing them down. Next the creepy followers of the left obedience cult started mercilessly calling and visiting advertisers nonstop. Most of these advertisers were small businesses that were frightened by this and could not afford to stand up to the pressure of their phones ringing night and day and the visits of these creepy “political activists” frightening away their customers.

   Normally this would have been enough to close down any newspaper that had the gall to stand up to the Marxist left but in this case publisher Leroy St.Germaine and newly appointed editor James Sears looked at it as an opportunity to print even more stories in space that had already be paid for by these advertisers who had paid for a year in advance and no longer wanted their ad’s run. Sears who is the leader of a non-registered and newly formed political party (The New constitution Party of Canada) has decided free speech and freedom of the press is not something to be taken lightly and has put his own money where his mouth is.

  In the following issues of the paper Sears stepped up the satire and played up to the cultural Marxists who smugly think they had the right to control what you can and cannot read, with a number of cartoons and articles meant to provoke thought and discussion of the subject of free speech.

   But the next thing to happen was truly frightening in my opinion. The government of Ontario decided that they did not like this community paper telling Emperor Wynne she had no clothes and decided to use half a million dollars of your tax money to bribe the police into looking again at their decision that this paper did not constitute hate speech. On July 16 Beaches-East York MPP Arthur Potts announced at a press conference held half a block away from the office of Your Ward News that the province is providing an additional $449,000 in funding for a 15-force provincial police team that investigates and prosecutes hate crimes and hate propaganda.

   According to the east York Chronicle Potts said that “he was chosen from the Liberal caucus to make the announcement in part because he has expressed strong concerns about an east Toronto publication known as Your Ward News, which has enraged many people in East York and area with articles, editorials and photo/cartoons that many regard as being racist, anti-Semitic and pro-Nazi.” What he did not say was that the paper had been very critical of the Ontario Liberal party and considered his party to be the ones acting like Nazi’s. Potts also said “The minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services Yasir Naqvi is very aware of my feelings about the publication,” Potts then babbled on about Canada post saying “as a Crown corporation it should have a higher moral compass and not associate its services with such an awful publication.” and “Whether or not it breaks the law, this publication is deeply offensive. I think it’s also a bad business decision by Canada Post. I’m certainly a lot less likely to use its services”

   Really Mr. Potts you are less likely to use Canada post because they do what they are mandated to do and that’s service their customers equally and fairly???? 

   Not only is this a clear case of Cultural Marxism but it's also a slap in the face to free speech and freedom of the press. This is a clear case of the Ontario Government bribing the police with half a million dollars of your tax money and in essence saying, "We don't like this paper because they don't like us and we want you to look again and close this paper down for us!"

   Is this what the government of Ontario has come to? In my opinion as a writer and media critic I’m a lot more frightened by the Nazi like actions of the Wynne government than I am of a community paper, I decided I was going to submit a fluff article to Your Ward news on the PAN AM games which they published in their July edition. It was a factual article on the costs and impact of the games on Toronto. In no way, shape or form was this article racist in any way. (for those of you who wish to read this article without going to the paper it can also be viewed on my blog site here.) As if on cue twitter erupted with messages calling me a Nazi and suggesting fellow bloggers should distance themselves from me. 

    This is not just a bunch of overzealous social justice warriors, this is a well-coordinated campaign straight out of Karl Marx’s little red play book. Of course the left will never admit that Cultural Marxism even exists, in fact their own definition of it is

 “The term "cultural Marxism" is most commonly encountered as a snarl word decrying everything right-wingers don't like, alluding to a conspiracy theory involving sinister left-wingers in the cultural and artistic spheres, including the media and academia, supposedly being engaged in a decades-long plot to undermine Western culture. With bonus anti-Semitism.”

   So it’s only a “conspiracy theory” That the left is trying hard to close down Your ward news and I’m a conspiracy theorist for recognizing it as such? In fact the left-tards have been calling me that since I started asking where all the money was coming from and going to during the Occupy movement hoax. For a short time they tried calling me a misogynist but that did not stick so they went back to conspiracy theorist.

    I have decided to continue to write and submit articles to Your Ward News out of principal. Even though I don’t always agree with everything they may publish. I think that if you the reader agree with me that free speech and freedom of the press are issues that need to be defended in Canada, You should read, subscribe and support this small community publication. This small paper may be the last bastion free speech outside of the internet in Canada and we all know the government will get their claws into the internet next.

Classic Liberalism:
" I disapprove of what you say but will defend to the death your right to say it"

New (progressive) Liberal Left:
" I disapprove of what you say, And I will publicly shame you, Lobby to have you censored and demand you be fired from your job "

Lawrence McCurry
July 12 2015

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Bend Over Toronto, The Pan AM Games are Almost Here

Bend Over Toronto, The Pan AM Games are Almost Here

   If governments are supposed to represent the will of the people I would like to know who asked for the pan Am games?  Officially the cost of the Pan Am games starting in Toronto ( July 10 - 26) and the Parapan Am Games (Aug 7 – 15) Are supposed to come in for around  2.57 billion dollars, Yes That’s Billion with a B.

   Of course we all know there’s always cost over runs and graft and corruption not mentioned in this official figure. The cost on PACHI the creepy gay friendly porcupine alone is estimated to cost upwards of $134,550.00 we don’t even have porcupines here, I would think a skunk or a raccoon would be more appropriate, at least they can be seen on the streets of Toronto.

    The 2015 Pan American Games will become the first completely ecologically friendly games, because it will be fully carbon neutral, which is code for the globalist bankers have their finger in the pie as well for a big piece of that tax payer money.

   It seems the games organizing committee also scored big time with high compensation and bonus packages for its executive team.  According to Wikipedia
  In 2012, it was revealed that former CEO Ian Troop made CA$552,065, with several other senior staff making between CA$100,000 and CA$400,000. Additionally, in 2013 it was revealed that as part of his compensation package, Troop would be eligible for a CA$780,000 bonus at the end of his contract, if the games had finished successfully. Other executives are eligible for bonuses of up to 100% of their salaries upon completion of their contract In 2015, it was revealed that Troop's replacement, Saad Rafi, would receive a bonus of 100% of his CA$428,794 salary upon completion of his contract.

    In September 2013, it was reported that many senior members of the organizing committee, including then CEO Ian Troop, expensed Ontario taxpayers for things such as a cup of tea. Even Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, said "I'm just going to say it's ridiculous. It is the kind of entitlement that is unacceptable" And she should know being an expert on how to blow the money of the hard the working people of Ontario. To the average person living in poverty on a disability pension in Ontario and getting by on less than 15,000.00 a year this kind of spending on a creepy porcupine and the entitlements of a bunch of political fat cats is totally obscene.

   The billions of dollars spent on the Pan Am games are only the start of the nightmare for residents of Toronto. All levels of government have gone on a spending spree using the excuse of the games for everything from building projects that will later be sold off to cronies at a discount price to the temporary lighting of the Bloor Viaduct which is estimated to cost us 3.8 million dollars by the time it’s finished. (If it’s finished on time for the games)

Rendering of what the Luminous Veil lighting project will look like on Prince Edward viaduct
when the underside is lit up.

   Don’t expect to get to work on time during the games either, even with the money spent on transit and road improvements by the city (Not that the airport train will help any of you working stiffs) traffic in the city will be a nightmare. Malls and restaurants will be crowed and it’s safe to say that normal business will be slowed considerably.

   Furthermore word on the street is that the anarcho-syndicalists and paid protesters have big plans to disrupt and destroy using their planed  “diversity of tactics”  These are the same jokers who dressed in black during the G-20 and broke windows up Yonge St. These black bloc anarchists have had plans in place for some time to disrupt the games. According to writer Greg Renouf one unrepentant  G-20 anarchist has been working in the office of city councilor Shelley Carroll.  

    It no secret that there’s going to be trouble from the professional protest gang, social media has been buzzing for months with plans to disrupt the games with potential riots, storming facilities, venues and so forth.

Screen shot courtesy of Undercoverkity

   Was the idea of bringing the Pan Am games to Toronto one the people of Toronto really wanted or was it a plan for politicians and big business to line their pockets at your expense?  Maybe this was a question that should have been asked a long time ago. Now your only course of action is to bend over and try to enjoy it. Let the fun and games begin!

Lawrence McCurry
June 2018

Monday, May 5, 2014

Rob Ford, Down, but a long way from out!

Rob Ford, Down, but a long way from out!

   As Rob Ford enters his first week of rehab the main stream corporate media smugly started ask if anybody still supported him?

   Well on Saturday May the 3rd three candidates who staunchly support the policies of Rob Ford stepped up and held a news conference outside Rob Fords Scarborough office.

   Of course the corporate media reported on it as nothing more than Ford supporters holding a rally and used it as an opener for their slanted support segments for Chow and Tory, In reality there was much more going on here.

   While the three candidates, Arthur Smitherman running in ward 8, John Papadakis Ward 29 and Paul Bell ward 33 not only voiced their support for Rob Ford, but also spoke of a new attitude and way of doing business coming to city hall. These candidates believe that for too long city hall has been dominated by tax and spend left leaning, self-serving interests and it’s time for more responsibility and accountability on city council. They spoke of a new political culture coming to city hall, one that is very much in line with what Ford has been doing over the last four years. Art Smitherman spoke of Ford having to go to work every day and having to do battle with forty or so people who were more interested in defending their jobs and entitlements than doing what was in the best interests of the people of Toronto. Smitherman also spoke of Toronto having 21 high poverty areas due to the misappropriation of resources. Not having subways leads to areas with higher poverty that affects mostly women and children. 

   John Papadakis who is running for councillor for ward 29 was adamant in his support for Ford and his economic policies. “when you run for office you bare your soul to the public and I think it’s disgraceful the way the left have gone after Rob and continue to kick him when he’s down.” He spoke of how the left on city council want to continue to tax and spend and “the disgraceful way they want to cover up the their conduct at Toronto housing, using peoples suffering to make jobs for their buddies, they are so not going to get away with that.” He went on to say “Rob Ford’s message is alive and the tax and spend gravy train at city hall will come to an end once and for all.

   Paul Bell who is running against Shelly Carol in ward 33 spoke of Rob Ford the man. “Everybody knows somebody who called Rob Ford the politician and had their call returned by him. How are we going to treat Rob when he comes back? Are we going to treat him with humanity or with the meanness and vitriol that’s been thrown at him? I think the people of Toronto are better than that.” Bell has his work cut out for him in running against Shelley Carroll who seems untouched by her own spending scandal. Carroll used her seat on the Toronto Hydro board of directors to secretly acquire an abandoned building in which she paid $9 million tax dollars over the asking price, a building that still sits unused. This is the type of culture these candidates wish to put a stop to and believe Rob Ford is the only person running for mayor that will help them make the changes at city hall that the people wish to see.

   Arthur Smitherman said there was only one thing Ford said he was going to do that he did not accomplish and that was reducing the size of city council from 44 to 22 seats. As mayor Rob Ford went in there and fought against most of these self-serving city councillors every day. These candidates wanted to tell the people of Toronto that by changing the members of Toronto city council there will be a new culture, one where the tax payers get the responsible and accountable representation they deserve rather than the tax and spend like a drunken sailor type of city council that’s been entrenched since the days when Miller was mayor and Olivia Chow sat on council.

   The main stream media did not report on these candidates who support Ford and decided the story was nothing but another rally by Ford supporters. But as more candidates who support Ford’s economic policies throw their hats into the ring it will become clear that the times are changing and a new wind may soon be blowing into city hall.
Lawrence McCurry
May 4, 2014

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Canada, The Globalist Chess Board.

Canada, The Globalist Chess Board.
    Big oil and finance are fighting it out and Canada is the chess board that game is being played out on. The pieces on this board are complex and famous. From Steven Harper to Neil Young the strings are being pulled and these pieces are being moved. Political parties and protesters have been bought and paid for, investments in oil tankers and pipe lines have been laid down. Now the game is on and the profit empires are in play.

    The board in this complex game of move and counter move is the oil sands, This is an industry in Canada that has had a lot of investment money put into it and is ready to pay off big time. As much as the environmentalists want it stopped that is not going to happen. The only question at this point is who will profit from it and who will not. The pieces in this chess game are not black and white however, grey is the colour of both sides. Both sides in this game are using dirty tricks and the average Canadian does not have a stake in the game.

   One side has bought government, not just Harper, all of them. The sell is Jobs, Jobs for all and prosperity. This side is also pushing for pipe lines. East and west as well as south, if that is in the cards. The problem with tar sands oil is it needs to be moved to be refined. As it stands currently it’s shipped south to American refineries where the Americans sell it back to us at a cost. If Alberta oil can be shipped west it opens Asian markets. Piped east we can send it to our refineries there.  (see line 9) Recently there’s been a proposal to reverse an existing line that carries foreign oil from east to west.
   Side two opposes this along with any plans for pipe lines. Side two has spent big money buying protesters and the very vocal left wing political machine. Though corporate donations to socialist media and non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) like Tides Canada, the Ford and Rockefeller foundations this faction prefers the oil going south by rail. Side two is invested in American refineries, rail companies and oil tankers. To fight against plans for pipelines they engage their army of paid agents and environmental dupes on the left to protest against oil sands expansion and oil pipe lines. Using environmental/communist/socialist groups and anarchist/black bloc activist protesters and union shills they fight a social war.

    With dupe protesters locking themselves to pumping stations and anarchists organizing native protesters though the NGO sponsored Idle No More movement, side two is in full swing. They even arranged for Neil Young to do a charity tour across Canada speaking out against the oil sands while leaving a big carbon footprint with his rich man’s jet plane.

   Side one never letting a good crisis go to waste, uses the main stream media to play up the dangers of oil transport by rail. Citing the recent disasters in Lac-Megantic  and New Brunswick,  the media and politicians have pointed to the dangers of shipping oil by rail and are now calling for the replacement of most commonly used thin hauled tankers. The type of tankers used to ship oil by rail is now a topic on the table of the Canadian political landscape.

   Side two counter moves with socialist media and internet bloggers using the threat of enviro-terrorism and reminders of trees spiked in Clayoquot Sound to punctuate magazine covers of oil pipe lines with lite dynamite. The fear of home grown Canadian terrorism is now also on the table.

   While the stock markets flog their filthy wears of investments in tanker car manufacturers and pipe line companies, The elite movers and shakers use their bought and paid for assets in this country to move the pieces around. The media and trained monkeys in parliament follow their scripts, the paid protesters and anarchists block traffic, burn police cars and have their drum circles and the game goes on. Move and counter move.

   The average Canadian however has no stake in this game. Whether the oil he uses comes from Saudi Arabia, Venezuela or Canada we will still pay too much for it. As much as the environmental movement and the agenda 21 communists want us to stop using cars and heating our houses with oil and gas that’s not going to happen any time soon. No, this game of fear and money is not doing any of us any good.

   As Canadians we need to recognize that there are powers in play here that are using us for both sides of an agenda to make rich people richer. Those hippie activists are as bought and paid for as the politicians selected for our elections whether they know it or not. The game is rigged and we’re not in it. Best we can hope for is to clearly see what’s really going on when it comes to Canada’s natural resources and to kick that board over if we can get close enough.

Lawrence McCurry
January 14, 2014

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Bill Blair is the criminal in Rob Ford Crack Scandal

Bill Blair is the criminal in Rob Ford Crack Scandal

   Today the real story once again is the one the main stream media is playing down. The brother of Mayor Rob Ford, Councilor Doug Ford called for the resignation of police Chief Bill Blair.

   As stated in my previous article the head of the Toronto police service Bill Blair has been blackmailing politicians for years. Today Doug Ford did not go that far in his accusations of Blair only mentioning that Blair was too close with the politicians on his side. Citing a fishing vacation he went on with police board member Andrew Pringle. “This is the most political police chief this city’s ever seen. He went out believing he was the judge, jury and executioner, he’s created a bias towards the mayor, he’s also compromised himself and jeopardized the case,” Doug Ford said. He also told radio station AM 640 the chief “wanted to go out and put a political bullet right between the mayor’s eyes.”

     It’s clear that Bill Blair, who holds an unelected position in this city, thinks he can subvert the democratic process and get rid of politicians who don’t play ball with him and his agenda. Rob Ford came to office saying he was going to stop the gravy train at Toronto city hall and Blair and the TPS are the last people with a ticket to ride. The list of police officers in Toronto making over a hundred thousand dollars a year is large. Bill Blair has been acting like this is his city to run the way he sees fit for years. When Jack Layton was running in the last federal election he leaked to the press that Layton had been caught in a massage parlor raid. I was also told by a Toronto detective that he also blackmailed Olivia Chow into resigning from the police board months after the OCAP riots at Queens Park back in 2000. The real criminal in this whole affair is the police chief himself Bill Blair!

   Now let’s look at the real reason for this media circus. Why are we hearing across Canada about Fords drinking and drug habit when Montreal has gone through five mayors in the last year due to them taking bribes and money from organized crime and developers? Very little from the media about that? What about Hamilton’s mayor causing total havoc by implementing ICLEI policy dictated by the U.N.’s agenda 21 program? Again nothing from the press about that? Rob Ford did however stand up to the globalists, when the province added a unnecessary level of control in the form of Metrolink over the TTC to take control of transit planning,  Ford stood up to the globalist organization’s plans and announced the people wanted subways and not the light rail transit dictated by the agenda 21 Metrolink. Rob Ford cannot be bought, bribed or blackmailed it appears. The guy got elected to city hall and did exactly what he said he was going to do and cut out the corrupt and stupid spending practices at city hall. That’s unique for a politician these days. The media and the police chief are pushing a globalist corporate agenda. Rob Ford has stood up to that agenda and has always done what is in the interests of the common man in this city.

     I like many others in Toronto don’t really care what a man does on his own time; it’s what he does in his office as mayor that makes a difference in our lives. I still support him and will vote for him again.
     Like the rest of us Rob Ford is only a man. There are few of us that can say we have never gotten drunk and done something stupid that we regret in the morning. Rob said today that he got drunk and may have smoked crack. Is he still smoking crack? He said no and I believe that. Even with this new admission I still maintain that Rob Ford is the most honest man at city hall.

Lawrence McCurry

Nov. 5, 2013

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Why I still support Rob Ford!

Why I still support Rob Ford!

    Once again the controlled main stream media is after the mayor of Toronto Rob Ford over drug allegations and a film no one has seen yet. While the mayor keeps his silence about what’s really going on I will be happy to air everyone’s dirty laundry here.
   First off the so called “Crack film” is most likely not a film of Ford smoking crack, I believe it is a film of Rob smoking pot out of a glass bong. I have known many crack smokers in my day and not one of them was a fat guy like our mayor and myself. Rapid weight loss is a sure sign of a crack smoker and I don’t believe Rob Ford smokes crack. He has however publicly admitted to smoking pot more than once just like millions of other Canadians do every day. The film, if it exists is ford smoking pot not crack!

     Would it be such a bad thing if our mayor was smoking pot (or crack for that matter)??? No, I don’t care at all. As long as he is doing what I voted him in for (and that’s keeping the cost of running this city down) then who cares. Rob Ford got elected in this city because he is the most honest guy in city hall. Under the Miller administration I did a lot of business with councillors at city hall, I had a wholesale picture framing business. With all the other councillors at city hall I would send them a 30 day invoice and wait much longer than that to get paid and when I did it was always a city of Toronto cheque. That’s right you paid for the pictures I did for them and that included the mayor at the time David Miller. Ford however was always a different story. He paid COD with a personal cheque out of his own pocket. His office as a councillor was different than the others as well. The other councillors all spent big money on new office furniture when they moved into city hall. Not Ford, when Ford went into city hall as a councillor he sent his staff down to the basement and pulled out some old furniture from the 60s which cost the tax payer nothing! When he ran for Mayor saying he was going to stop the bleeding of the tax payer at city hall that’s just what he did, and that’s unusual for a politician these days.

   Now for these drug allegations, Rob has admitted that he has smoked pot many times just like the leader of the federal Liberals Justin Trudeau has. So what? Millions of Canadians do, we all know it should be legal and most likely will be soon. I don’t care. What concerns me more is I believe the chief of police in Toronto has been blackmailing Ford with it even before he was elected to the Mayor’s office! That’s right, the real story here is the chief of police Bill Blair may have been blackmailing Toronto politicians for years! Case in point, When Jack Layton was running in the last federal election it was leaked to the press by some un-named police source that Layton had been caught in a massage parlor raid and released without charges. Why did this happen and who was the source that leaked this tidbit to the media? I was also told by a Toronto detective that the reason Olivia Chow backed off her criticisms of Toronto police handling of the famous OCAP riot at the Ontario legislator building in June of 2000 was because she was threatened with exposure by chief Bill Blair. Seems Chow was caught in a lesbian bath house raid later that same year and while others were charged she was not.

    For years I have been hearing rumors that Chief Bill Blair has been using his office and the secret knowledge it brings to blackmail and manipulate politicians in a way that would have made J Edgar Hoover look like a rookie.

   I remember well when Rob Ford was running for mayor he made a speech to his supporters at a banquet hall in Scarborough where every time he paused cheers went up, except when he said he would take some of the money saved and spend it on more police officers. BAM at that point you could hear a pin drop in that room. I don’t think that was Fords idea. I think he was persuaded into that unpopular position by someone in the force who might have been holding something over him in that election campaign.

   It’s my opinion that chief of police Bill Blair is the real criminal here and if we had an honest media it would be Blair whose head they would be calling for. Yes I support Rob Ford whether he is doing drugs or not because he’s the best mayor for the people and not sucking up to corporate interests like past mayors have.  Good luck Rob.

Lawrence McCurry

Oct. 31 2013

Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Sad Protest

A Sad Protest

    In the first hours of July 27, 2013 Sammy Yatim (18) was alone on a streetcar after having pulled a knife and exposing himself. Many of his friends and relatives have said this behavior was unusual for Sammy. He was at that age where he had just left home for the first time after a fight with his father about finding employment and may have been at the crisis point in his life that all young men face at one time. He never had the chance to get over that hump in life however as a young Toronto police officer shot him nine times and then another tasered his corpse for good measure.

   This is not the first time Toronto police have acted with quick and deadly violence when de-escalation and a more human approach may have been called for. The big difference in this case is there was more than one very good video clip with sound that was released by the main stream media right away. As this kind of film and the exposure it was given often does, it affects people on an emotional level, people who tend to act from a gut level reaction. It also sets in motion a response from people who will take advantage of these people for their own political ends.

     Almost right away a protest was called and promoted in social media. I did not attend this first protest as I was sure it would be the circus that it was. My good friend Greg Renouf did however and covered it with insight on his blog site.

    A second protest was called after Sammy had been laid to rest and it is that second protest that we will look at here.

    I fully supported the idea of this second protest as a clear message needed to be sent to Chief Bill Blair about the heavy handed and violent state his police department has deteriorated into in this city. I had also hoped that this protest would be more dignified and the fringe element might work to keep the stupids and nut jobs in check. But once again they too were out in droves.

    The day started with a couple of interesting things. First Chief Blair called an enquiry into the shooting appointing department friend and retired Judge Dennis O’Connor. Enquiries and recommendations from past hearings and investigations have not been implemented by the chief or his department so why he thought this time around would do anything to placate the public is anybody’s guess.

    The second interesting development was The Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL) Called a press conference with relatives and family of past police shooting victims. Yatim’s family was conspicuously absent. One cannot help but wonder how the leadership of this union came to the conclusion that its membership had given it the mandate to get involved in political matters that have nothing once so ever to do with this union? There are however ties between the unions and the fake activists/socialist anarchists (Black Bloc) that think they control all protest and social justice matters in this country. Members of this union realize that some of the alternative media have exposed their connections with these violent anarchists and at the news conference Director of Communications for the OFL, Joel Duff assaulted an alternative media photographer in an attempt to ensure their spin on the story and protest to follow the press conference would be the only one the public would see.

   At the corner of Dundas and Yonge where the protest march was to start from, the first people to show up along with the regular members of the communist party of Canada (who are fixtures at these events) were the fake activists/anarchists that think they control all protest and social justice actions in this country. The big players this day were two people that were charged with violent offences during the G-20. Sayed Hussan and Alex Hundert. Hussan arrived with an arm load of slick and expensive protest signs.
(One wonders who paid for these?)

   But his real job this day was to ride herd over three young teenage girls who were to be the star of this show, Sammy Yatim’s sixteen year old sister and friends about the same age. The second these young naive girls showed up they were hustled onto the back of a pick-up truck complete with a sound system and microphone.
In front of a crowd of about 500 people they were treated like rock stars for the day with big strong guys to keep back the press and anybody who might get close enough to ask questions. It was clear they were looking to Sayed Hussan for cues to what to say and chants to lead the crowd. Alex Hundert and others were there as well and many times though out the day I would see these girls look to these guys for what to do or say next. Now I don’t think these girls had any idea about the caliber, ethics or political designs these guys have. I don’t believe they even realized that they were being manipulated in a subtle ways by powers they most likely know nothing about.

   At one point during the march I stopped to film the truck as it passed. This was my only intention, to get some stock footage that one of my friends might wish to use. This is when Alex Hundert and a few of his dupes decided they would let me know that my uncontrolled opinions would not be welcome. First he attempted to blatantly bully me, then he had a couple of his cult lackeys try to jostle me and block my shot by sticking their cameras in front of mine like they were filming me.
   Their control over these young girls in front of a large crowd was a sad thing to witness when you knew what you were looking at. As these long time “cop haters” with a long history and skill at manipulating dupes at this type of event, they had these girls lead the crowd in chants you could see that they were uncomfortable with some of the chants, like “fuck the police” and even “Kill that cop” at one point. This film is a good example of that.
   When Yatim’s sister realized that the chant they started for them was wrong she made an attempt to change it from Kill that cop to Jail that cop and from kill the police to jail the police. As I stated these young girls are naive and I don’t believe they shared the sentiment of the anarchists that were using them.

   Once the march reached police headquarters on Collage Street the collection of broken miscreants and unintelligent dupes that this group of professional protesters have collected over the last couple of years were set to spew their vile hatred at the line of police who had lined up their bicycles to protect the building from the crowd now around 500.

    These broken people and idiot dupes who were yelling and spewing hate at these front line cops (who were not the same police from the shooting) were in a way as subtly manipulated to be at this place and time because they too had been cultivated by the same group of fake activists to be there to do just this sort of thing.

    These Fake activists, Anarchists, paid protesters, facilitators, call them what you will. These people are a group, a cult really. They are well financed and national. They have very real political intentions and their intention is to start a revolution and to facilitate a violent riot whenever possible. During this protest I could see ones I well recognized scattered throughout the crowd.  People like sakura saunders,
Or another well known cop baiter who enjoyed being up at the police line in his black bloc costume waving a donut on a stick, Zach Ruiter. Zach once
saw a picture of someone fishing the police with a donut and found it so cute he copies it every chance he gets. There were others that were scattered through the crowd to control and recruit. Yes I said recruit. They keeps lists of people and friend them on social media like facebook and twitter so they can get them out to protests and indoctrinate them into their socialist/communist  philosophy.

   At one point a teenage girl in front of me turned around to tell an older woman who was talking to Greg Renouf not to talk to him. When I asked the girl why not? She said “Because he writes bad things about my friends, he tells lies!” I gave her a surprised look and said “what friends and what has he lied about?” At this her friend told her “Don’t he’s one of them too!” These young ladies had no idea who we are and have never read either of us I’m sure. What it does show is how these people are making up the minds of your children for them. This group for all intents and purposes are a cult. A cult with an underlying violence just swimming under the thin philosophical surface.

    At some point a pro conservative supporter showed up with a cardboard sign saying “God bless the police” this man who I suspect was no brighter then those who swarmed him had the sign ripped out of his hands and was stomped and vigorously spit on by the dupes.
    After a couple of hours the crowd started to thin out and the police started to clear out collage St. to let the streetcars though for rush hour. Alex Hundert and his gang stood their ground for a few minutes to make their point but there was no support to carry on with this sad act of defiance, there would be no riot this day. 
   This was an important protest, a clear message needed to be sent to the police to let them know that the heavy handed American style of policing will not be tolerated in Toronto. Too many young men lie dead because of it. The shameful actions of many of those protesters did not help get that message across and the fake activists playing their political games does nothing to gain the support of honest citizens.

    On my way to the subway a young man passed me talking to himself, all I caught was “I just want to see some violence!” Yes, this was a sad protest on so many levels.

Lawrence McCurry
August 15, 2013
Love is the movement

:Thanks to Greg Renouf and Undercover Kitty for the film clips in this report.